Last night we had the serious pleasure of dining at Heber’s newest restaurant, “The Old Goat”.

We started our dinner by scouting out what everyone else was eating…no kidding…everything looked so good, we were just eating with our eyes first!

Our meal began with their DELICIOUS Buffalo Cauliflower.  YUM YUM YUM.  We could have eaten three more portions of this delight.  So tasty….just so good.  Jared and I both thought..”Well, if the meal is starting this good….let’s hope the rest just follows in suite.”

Next came our actual dinner….Jared enjoyed their incredible burger–talk about eating with your eyes first!  It was an absolute work of art.  And my husband demolished it!

I enjoyed the Grilled Vegetable platter with Grilled Shrimp.  Everything that came out of that kitchen was amazing.  And great service to boot.  Our server was such a sweet girl and so helpful.  It was her first night working dinner and she managed it like an old pro.

Lastly we decided on desert- the Fried Twinkies….Yes…that’s right….Fried TWINKIES.  I have never eaten them before. I’ve seen them available at carnivals or events, but had no idea they could taste so good.  Jared and I both enjoyed a bit of them and then brought the rest home for our wonderful baby sitter Jenessa.  And we are certain she ate them the minute she left our house.  We’re not even sure they made it to her car.  Rest in peace you delicious twinkies.

What was the crazy part of it all, was that for how delicious everything was and with their outstanding service, this restaurant is affordable.  So reasonable we couldn’t believe it.

Great food.  Great Service and Goats everywhere.  What more can you ask for?  Time to give it a try!

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