Last week we had the company of some friends from Las Vegas who arrived just in time for one of Salt Lake City’s biggest holiday festivals- the Chriskindle Holiday Market at Heritage This Is the Place.

No kidding, it was fun from the moment we arrived! First we took the train tour of the property- it’s such a great train ride because it offers so much history about Salt Lake City and the families that first settled in the area.  In addition, there are lots of farm animals around such as horses and goats and cows that Giada just LOVED IT!

There was a great visit with Kris Kringle, amazing German food.  No kidding, Salt Lake has one of the largest German populations I’ve encountered and it is so wonderful to find Bavarian Pretzels made fresh, bratwurst with sourkraut, more sweets than you can possibly eat and fresh gingerbread!  And we just love the culture.  It’s so refreshing to experience a holiday event that really transported us to Munich!

There’s about 100 independent shops with booths to buy everything from scarves to authentic hand puppets like Giada is wearing!

If you’re new to the area, I’d encourage you to check it out. We really had so much fun.  Lots of holiday characters, a Christmas parade, friendly guests and so much more.  And what’s wonderful is that this weekend, you can experience the same type of Swiss market at the Zermatt right here in the little town of Midway.  There will be music, events and so much fun.  One more reason to love living in the Heber Valley!

Happy Holidays!

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