A seriously great Sunday with our girl. We made sauce today, an apple pie with apples from our trees, homemade chai snd then enjoyed dinner with our wonderful Oma & Opa. We love fall. Its just our favorite time of year because we finally have downtime as a family!

When we moved into our new home there were two amazing bonuses– 1- Two enormous apple trees nestled in the side yard and 2- a gorgeous, healthy raspberry bush!

And I didn’t even mention that our new neighbors just got a foal named Starr.  My daughter has started referring to her as “her horsey”.  The neighbors have been so loving to Giada and just letting her really enjoy the horse raising experience.  I believe her learning stewardship for animals is priceless.

Anyway, fall is an awesome time to be neighborly.  So all these pies and goodies will go to our neighbors and friends.  And I hope you’re fall baking experience offers the same joy to everyone you love!


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