Easter Sunday seemed to be the perfect time for our little family to enjoy a wonderful day together.  But for us, still be relatively new to Utah, this year would be a great year to explore all the Heber Valley has to offer for holiday fun.  Why you ask? Well, because our daughter is now old enough to really experience and enjoy the local events and frankly there are so many, it’s hard to decide what to do first.

So…. the fun began Saturday as we visited the Fill Er’ Up Coffee Station in Downtown Midway for their annual Easter Egg Hunt.  If you’ve never been there, this coffee shop is loaded with antique toys and relics giving it incredible character and a hominess you won’t find at any chain coffee market.  The owners are there making sure you’re cared for an they’ve just got the sweetest young ladies around making coffee and swinging sweets!

Trying to be timely, we arrived at promptly at 10am, but the hunt ended promptly at 10:01:10.  Fastest egg hunt I’ve ever seen; these kids were PROS who had obviously attended this event year after year.  But we still managed to have a wonderful time as the amazing owners noticed Giada’s basket was empty and approached her right away asking if she’d gotten any eggs.  She said that she hadn’t….they then gave her a free ice cream and filled her empty basket up with little prizes which really really made her happy and really, no child left empty handed.  They saw to that and as a result, they’ve gained an extremely loyal customer from this wonderful gesture. We love you guys and I’ve been there three times since.

Next stop:  Zermatt Spring Festival– And boy did they do family fun right!  It was quite an experience for only $6 per child.   The morning started with a quick visit with the Easter Bunny at their indoor shopping market (and of course a few purchases to keep our girl entertained until the fun really started).  With so much going on, we hit their baby animal pen next, then the carousel, followed by face painting, trampoline jumping, bounce house and a massive Easter Egg Hunt on their property with great friends.  Giada left with about 30 eggs filled with goodies and she was STOKED!  Afterwards we were absolutely looking for food to recharge, so we quickly decided it was a great time to visit their food truck festival  with about 10 vendors and plenty to choose from!  We enjoyed an awesome meal  from Lola’s Incredible food truck and dined al fresco on their outdoor giant chess board.  BTW, if you live in the Heber Valley and you haven’t tried Lolas, you absolutely should.  It’s an incredible meal….you won’t regret it.

Our last stop was a quick visit to the new Midway Bakery on Main– and YES.  YES.  Just stop there.  Bread, Brownies, Cookies…Cinnamon Rolls.  Yes.  A fantastic new addition to our little town.  YUM.

After all the Easter Saturday fun, little Giada was exhausted; but we still managed to come home and play with bubbles for about 2 hours.  It left me feeling extremely grateful and also thinking  about how fortunate we really are.  Living in this beautiful place with great people, great food and a spectacular view.

The Easter morning surprises for Giada were really wonderful little surprises for us as well.  As the Easter Bunny came to visit our home early and hid not only about 50 Easter eggs in our yard but also left a cute little basket full of fun goodies someone was unbelievably excited.  Like way more excited than we even anticipated.  Seeing things thru her eyes is really the best gift ever.  Daddy made a beautiful breakfast Strava and afterwards we rode bikes and made Pane di Pasqua (Easter Bread), a family/generational tradition.  I’ve baked this special bread with my mom for many years and my heart leaps now knowing Giada will create it along side me.  I’m excited to pass on this art of baking our customary bread to her; it’s always been a very special event for myself and my mother. We had an absolutely lovely family day.  Best Easter ever.  That’s all.

Hope your Easter was magical too and you were able to partake in all that the Heber Valley has to offer.  As a new parent, I was just completely blown away at all this wonderful community has to offer for kids and families.  So much holiday fun!

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