The transition from fall to winter is just a wonderful time for our family.  Jared and I do our best to take this down time in the seasons to play outdoors with our daughter and also care for our own home as we prepare for the snow that will surely come very soon.

One of our favorite things to do at this time of year is enjoy Halloween in Park City!  The Howl-o-ween dog parade is one of our favorite events and also, now that Giada is old enough to enjoy trick or treating, we love to get out on Main Street and watch her take part in this large scale community event.  Seems like there were at least 5000 people in attendance and in costume!

November is a time when the leaves become crisp as the fully depart the now bare trees and the tall grasses grow brittle as they prepare for the weight of the snow to come.  As transplants, we just appreciate every moment of the evolution from season to season.  But as the fall ends, we do our best to get out on our bikes and enjoy every last moment of warmth and each new moment of cool air.

As I prepare for my annual cookie trade with my neighbors and friends, I also look forward to cooking fantastic seasonal meals and of course home made apple pie with apples from our local farmers.   There are just so many great reasons to love living in Utah I don’t think I could possibly name them all!

Much love,

The McMillens

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