The other night my wonderful husband and I had the pleasure of having a dinner date, which took a miracle to get a sitter, at Park City’s newest restaurant- Hearth and Hill in Kimball Junction.

Here is the low-down on this new culinary delight!

We started our meal with a few of their small plates- Tuna Crudo and their short rib, oxtail tostadas….YUM YUM YUM!  The flavor in the dressing of the Tuna Crudo was a tangy drizzle of deliciousness.  From the first bite to the last.  I highly recommend it.  And Jared LOVED the short rib tostada…great flavors married in a beautiful presentation.

We followed our appetizers with dinner- Jared enjoyed the carnitas while I enjoyed their home made veggie burger.  Apparently they do their best to work in farm to table with fresh local produce and meats when possible.

I highly recommend this wonderful spot.  Great ambiance, the service was EXCEPTIONAL for the area and amazing food from start to finish.  The peanut butter desert sandwiches were scrumptious!!


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