Enjoy a cup of Cocoa at Meyer Coffee in Heber, Utah!

On these beautiful sunny days between snow showers there is no where better to grab a cup of cocoa than the Meyer Coffee Company in Heber, Utah!

This amazing coffee company has everything– including a delicious offering for breakfast and lunch.  And can I just say that there cocoa is my absolutely favorite!  It seems like all winter I was going there at least  twice a week to enjoy one.  I’m not sure how they make it, but it is just so good.

And, a few weeks ago I even enjoyed a breakfast burrito! It was served very quickly, as of course I was in a rush, and very very good! Which makes Meyer Coffee the perfect stop for me to visit during my busy days with clients.  And of course, it’s the perfect spot to bring clients!

So..if you’re in Heber or driving thru on your way from Park City to Provo, give it a try.  You’ll love their coffee and their baked goods and the owners are as just so kind and friendly.  It’s the perfect small town cup of joe!


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