Last week my daughter and I were lucky enough to spend the entire day together having fun and hanging out in Midway.  Towards the end of the day, I realized the new “Midway Bakery On Main” was still open so we decided we should probably polish off our day with some sweets.

They were actually beyond closing time, but invited us in anyway.  We picked up a few cupcakes and a gluten free brownie, which was a total bonus that they offered gluten free, and asked if we could stay for a while to enjoy our goodies and they were more than welcoming.

The sweets were FANTASTIC!! Absolutely delicious and home made, which we love!  And, while we were there, we learned that they also offer fresh home made breads, sandwiches and soups!  Which I’m guessing are also amazing.  Their brownies were just so YUMMY-decadent, chocolaty goodness!  I can’t say enough great things about this new charming Midway bakery.

Our little town is growing, but it’s great to know that that growth includes more of these family owned, mom & pops type of businesses so we don’t lose the small town charm of this magical area.  And may I also say that the owner was so sweet and kind, we’re just really looking forward to visiting again.  They made us feel so at home, it was really comforting to enjoy our goodies and not feel rushed.

So when you visit Midway, you won’t want to miss this gem of a bakery.  It’s quaint and cozy, but worth every penny!

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