Well….this past week we were in for a major treat.  You may not know this, but I have been trying to track down the “On the Hook” food truck for several weeks now.  I’ve been pretty patient…waiting and waiting and waiting for it to come to our local “Tractor Supply Store”….and then I thought it was coming and it didn’t….but FINALLY last week…IT CAME HERE!!!

So I rounded up the usual suspects, my other wonderful mom friends, Lisa Fowler, Silvia, Kelly and Kristie and their kids so we could go and enjoy the food truck experience.  We’ll….they did not disappoint!! One portion was really enough for two people, and the fish was just so perfectly cooked.  No kidding…these guys from Alaska do not mess around when it comes to their fish and chips.  They were total pros– we placed our orders and ten minutes later we were stuffing our faces.  And to boot, they have their own sauces and their fry sauce had a really refreshing kick to it…was thinking maybe siracha?  YUM!!

If you see this truck run…don’t walk….get your fish and chips on…it is a fantastic addition to the area.  It can be found all over Utah including Park City and Heber.  Just SUPER EXCITED to have amazing fish and chips here!! Everyday it’s like the Heber Valley is just getting to be more and more of an amazing food hub.   Oh…and you won’t want to go too late…they only have a limited supply each day!

We love you ON THE HOOK!!  Looks like you’ve got us ON THE HOOK!!







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