Winter Photo Shoot

AF140011It’s that time of year where snow is falling and it may be time to send out the family photos.  People are always asking me “what’s best to wear for a family photo shoot?”

So I thought I might send out a little bit of helpful advice:

When shooting in snowy conditions bright or vibrant colors work best!  They really provide a wonderful contrast with the snow.  And I also recommend hats, gloves, scarves, boots….just the typical winter clothing but with fun accents or colorful patterns or pops.  Just makes images so much more interesting and festive for the season!

When shooting in tall grassy conditions where grasses tend to be more neutral colored, like in the high desert, I recommend bright colors if your photographer is using lighting or if your photographer is using natural light, softer tones such as lattes or autumn tones such as blended reds or seasonal greens.  For the most part, I recommend colors that compliment the environment.  It simply makes the image look more complete.

No matter what your family wears, you simply can’t go wrong with a mix of colors and patterns.  It will add a great amount of visual interest to the image and pops of color in all the right places.

Happy Holidays!

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