When I moved to Utah, I never realized just how dry this climate could be and how harsh it could be on my skin.  Each year in one way I look forward to ski season, but I also know I will consisitently have to reinforce my skin care regime for winter.  For several years now I have been looking and looking for something transforming to keep my skin hydrated and looking radiant.

I believe I’ve finally found a new mask that really really helps combat the dry skin-

Korres Wild Rose Vitamin C Petal Peel

It’s known in the industry as the closest thing to dermaplaining in a mask.  But it’s affects are simply magical.  In two steps, just about 11 minutes, your skin looks so shiny and new that it will leave you glowy and feeling like you’ve removed layers of beaten down skin.  What’s more is that it offers skin brightening qualities as well, which is my favorite thing about my other products by Tarte or by Heinrickson.  Vitamin C is a wonderful skin superfood and it leaves your skin dewy and youthful.

And of course, if you’re looking for skin care in Park City, you can also visit Delilah’s shop at Redstone, known as Splendor.  She really has everything you’ll need to keep you skin looking and feeling fantastic!

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